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You can now reserve the most experienced players that Escape from Tarkov has to offer for a 1-on-1 Tutoring Session. Need a way to get better at Tarkov? Getting killed without any counterplay? Allow our professional Tarkov Tutors to help you evaluate, analyze, and refine your gameplay to help you get better at the game.

Our Tutors

Magister DDeXe “The Headhunter”
Tarkov K/D 5.89 K/D
Playstyle – Methodical & Objective Based
Favorite Maps – All of them
Map Specializations – Customs, Woods
Brief Introduction – This is my 2nd wipe with over 820+ Hours online. I’m no stranger to FPS games (GE-CSGO, GM- Overwatch) and I’m always striving to improve my Tarkov wits/strats/gameplay with each raid I go into.
Personality – Chad/Tactical
Pricing – 1250 Points/Hour
Availability – M/T/W/TH/F/S/Su (8-12 PM MTN) (7-11 PM PDT) (10PM-2AM EST)

OniKaiji of Batavi Fumigans
Tarkov K/D: 2.5 K/D
Playstyle – Tactical/YEET
Favorite Maps – Shoreline, Labs and Customs
Brief Introduction – I have 1500 hours with this being my first fresh wipe, having started last wipe. I’m extremely knowledgeable when it comes to escape from Tarkov. If you want a passionate tutor or you’re just trying to find where you fit in Tarkov, reach out and see if I would be a good choice for you. I tailor every tutoring session to the student so that we focus on what they want to improve, rather than having a set in stone, “get gud” guide
Personality Quiz – Chad/Snake
Typical Pricing – 750 points per hour
Available Times – any day (PST 10am -10pm)

Scootieloo the Minotaur
Tarkov K/D: 2.1 K/D
Playstyle – Tactical
Favorite Maps – Interchange, Reserve Brief Introduction – This game takes a lot of patience, I’ve been teaching people how to play the game since I joined Impera May 3rd, 2020. Playing solo, I had a K/D of 5, but playing with squads and feeding kills to new players I have a K/D of 2. Interchange is my specialty, but I’ll run any map that you want and any level of gear you want.
Personality Quiz – Chad
Typical Pricing – 1100 per hour
Available Times – (Mountain Time) Sun 8am – 12am Mon* Tues 8am – 12am Wed 8am – 12am Thurs* Fri 8am – 12am Sat 8am – 12am

Magister benstir
Tarkov K/D: 4.46 K/D
Playstyle – Flanking/Repositioning & Tactical Positioning
Map Specializations – Interchange, Customs
Brief Introduction – I joined this server about a month ago, however, with nearly two years of experience playing Escape from Tarkov and over 3000 hours of gameplay its safe to say I have a solid grasp on the game (I learned most things the hard way). I’m proud to have moved up so quickly within Impera and I hope to help deliver knowledge that I have earned to newer players. Outside of playing EFT I work as an analytical chemist. I play Interchange and Customs as my primary maps. My play style is fairly cautious, generally I will listen to player activity throughout the map and predict potential engagements that will reduce risk for me and my team. Just to clarify this is not a camping or a rat playstyle as we will be moving throughout the map. Remember even a bad gun is good with good ammo!
Personality Quiz – Cautious (I would agree)
Pricing – 620/hour
Available Times – Most nights (EST) and Weekends

1,000 Tarkov Tutor Points

Price: $10


2,500 Tarkov Tutor Points

Price: $25


6,500 Tarkov Tutor Points

Price: $65


After making your purchase, be sure to email, or message Devil#7706 on Discord. Please allow 48 hours for your purchase to be processed.
Please also be aware, by purchasing Impera Tarkov Tutor Points you agree to the following documents: Found Here.

Tarkov Tutors FAQ

Question – What the heck is a Tarkov Tutor?

Answer –
The Tarkov Tutor program is an on-demand tutoring system established to help players get better at the game. A Tarkov Tutor is a professional who has taken the necessary steps to be able to educate any Tarkov player through the system established by Impera. Frequently these are friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced people who are more than willing to teach you how to play Tarkov to your maximum potential.

Question – How do I get Tutored?

Answer –
The first step you will need to take is purchasing Impera Points just above this FAQ section. After that, it’s very simple!
Here are the steps laid out:
1 – Check out Tutor’s timeslots/playstyles in the information panel just above and see which works best for you! Which one do you really connect with the most?
2 – Message the Tutor to see if they would be free, and also if you like their pricings. Each tutor uses different prices. You can message them by going to our discord located at this link. Search thier name, and shoot them a message to set up a time!
3 – Tell them that you confirm their service, and that you wish for the points to be deducted from your account. They will contact a Tutor Manager and handle it from there! Piece of cake.

Question – I already know how to play the game, why would I want a Tutor?

Answer –
The true master is never done improving; everyone has something that they can get better at. There are tons of secrets, tips, and tricks that you likely are not aware of on Tarkov, and our Tutors will gladly point them out to you. However, if you think you are absolutely perfect at the game and don’t have a single thing you can work on, consider putting in an application by heading over to #become-a-tutor.

Question – I already know how I want to get tutored, but I’m not sure if I’m completely convinced of the process.

Answer –
We offer multiple ways to get better at the game. The Tutor can watch a recording of one of your matches, watch it live through discord, or even play along-side you! There are many top-of-the-line-technological ways that our Tutors can employ to assist you. You can talk to whichever Tutor you prefer to see which way they prefer, or tell them which you would want! Just shoot them a message now.

Interested in becoming a Tarkov Tutor?

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