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Imperator Devil

Devil, or Jaydon, grew up in plenty of small towns throughout his life. He has been to a majority of the United States and a handful of other countries. Some of his fav hobbies other than gaming are motorcycles, board games, and firearms. Jaydon also holds a degree in History, but jokes about its usefulness. His duties within the company include managing The Board of Impera and conducting projects and setting directives for the company as a whole. Additionally, one of the necessary requirements of the position involves communicating with other individuals in the gaming hobby like streamers, professional gamers, and other video-game content producers. (This part isn’t his favorite task, lol!) This Imperator considers himself a visionary, level-headed, and objective oriented. He encourages you to reach out to him on discord if you have any questions about Impera.

Legate Jimboslice67

Jimbo, or James is from Columbia South Carolina located in the Southeastern United States. He spent the early part of his life serving in the US Army as a Logistics Specialist, leaving after 6 years of work. He is now furthering his education and going to college for computer technology. When he’s not in school studying up he enjoys playing games, spending time with family, hunting, and fishing. As the second highest rank in Impera as “Legate” he works as Devil’s backup and assists in any issues that would happen to arise in both the server proper and the Human Resources Team.

Patriae Outlawer

Outlawer, or Richie is from Houston, TX but has traveled to many parts of the globe such as Jamaica, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Canada, Korea, Vietnam, and many more. Ultimate frisbee, tennis, fishing, and airsoft are some of the other hobbies he enjoys partaking in. As a Patriae of Impera, he oversees the staff team primarily as the Human Resource dept. lead. He makes sure each staff member in HR upholds the standard sand protocols set out to ensure every member of the community is treated fairly. As one of the Board members of Impera, he voices the concerns of the community so that they are heard. The ultimate goal that he has for the community is for everyone to have fun in a safe environment and to promote lasting relationships or interactions within Impera. He is always available to help and if he can’t help you at the moment, he will be sure to find someone that can.

Senatus Aquawhale

AquaWhale, or Elliott, was born and raised in Southwest VA and remains there to this day. Previously an Insurance agent, he still carries his License with the state board while currently working as a Surveyor for a General Contractor. When not at work, he loves spending time with his family, serving at church, visiting local attractions and electronics stores with the latest tech, and gaming. In addition to being a Senatus, he is chairman of the Tarkov tutors project and the acting CMO within Impera, overseeing all media departments. He has a passion for giving opportunity to all fellow gamers who seek a rewarding community a home with Impera, as well as providing entertaining events and impactful in-game tutoring with Impera Tutors.

Senatus ImFireFlies

FireFlies, or Patrik, is from Uppsala, Sweden but originates from Northern Sweden and his profession lies within private security. On his spare time he enjoys spending time outside in nature, motorcycles, plating video games and fishing. As a Senatus of Impera he oversees divisions within the staff team, namely the Event and Marketing team as Division Lead but also oversees the discord as a whole as a member of the Human Resources department. This department is mainly focused on enforcing the rules of Impera, making sure it is a fun and friendly haven for all gamers. His goal is to give people a sanctuary where everyone is treated equal and can have fun together, but also spreading the community to the world through the marketing team. All of this is maintained while giving the community challenges through the event team.

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