This is the space where you can make donations to support us. Every donation goes 100% back to the community.


Donate on Patreon

A vast majority of our donations come from Patreon. We find that most members enjoy all of the in-discord benefits such as private channels, custom name emojis, rare and unique donation roles, and many more. You can find our Patreon by following this link.

Boost on Discord

Boosts go a MASSIVE way in helping our discord stay at the top of it’s possible efficiency. We get tons of benefits that we get to forward to our members including supreme voice quality, extra emoji’s (animated too!), and better recruitment. Plus you get a shiny pink discord role for boosting! You can boost by purchasing a boost through the discord client, then boosting our discord in the server settings found in the top left of the menu by clicking the name: “Impera Gaming.” The link to our discord is here.

Buy our Merch

Need some new swag? Need some masks to prevent the pandemic? Yoga pants for your lady? You will find an amazing amount of every type of merchandise on this website found here.

Seek a Tarkov Tutor

Believe it or not, us providing an amazing service in helping you get better at Tarkov, also earns us some money. Most of the money is kept by the tutor, but in return Impera gets tons of benefits for your patronage. You can find premium tutors that are among the best 1% of all players in Tarkov by going to our discord in the #tutor-faq channel.
Get Better, Get Tutored.

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