New World

It’s a new new world, ladies and gentlemen, and we’re going to conquer it.

New World is a meaty and thrilling MMO developed and published by Amazon. It’s coming to us soon, and will be one of Impera’s primary focused games.
Having the financial backing of one of the largest companies in the world, and playerbases that surpassed anyone’s expectations, we expect to see this game in the market for a full and extended lifespan.

Here’s our plan:
First and foremost, the individual takes priority. We want every single member of the New World company (guild) to get a full and complete experience of the game. This involves enjoying crafting with pals, questing, competing in wars, and doing expeditions (dungeons).

Secondly, we want to be a factor in the server that we play on. We want to be recognized as one of the main companies that is to be both feared and respected. To do this, we have an advanced and organized gameplan custom-created by our New World Upper Echelon (leaders). If you’re interested in the specifics, message any of our Upper Echelon members and they will be happy to explain how we will establish ourselves.

We’re eagerly anticipating the release of the game and have been doing everything in our power to hit the ground running. If you’re interested in getting more involved make sure you’re on our discord and check out some of the information in the various New World channels.


A Brief History of Impera

Impera was a group of friends (10-20) who came from various discord servers back in January of 2020, well over a year ago at the time of posting this message.

We still hold true to many, if not all of the values that we had then. You’ll notice that our rules are original and unedited over the past 400+ days. We believe in preservation, and doing something right until you can’t get it wrong.

Check out this video if you want to learn more about the History of Impera, in a talk with CEO and Founder of Impera Gaming LLC, Devil(Jaydon).


Other Games

In today’s world there are (sometimes) too many games to choose from.
It’s difficult to pick out which games are worth your time, money, and personal investment.

All of the games on Impera have been chosen through a rigorous approval process including popular opinion, popular trends/movements, and administrative approval to make sure that the game will be something worth investing your time and interest into.

If you see a game in our “approved game lists” in #react-roles, then we know it is an upstanding and popular game.

You can find people to play these games with in our discord here.

fivem games

FiveM (GTA V Roleplay)

Cops, Civilians, Races, Gangs, Drugs, Weapons, Fast Cars, Firefighting, Store Ownership, Ambulance Driving, and so much more…

If you are interested in Roleplaying life beyond life, a realistic yet enjoyable and unique Grand Theft Auto experience, FiveM is your game.

Impera has been putting in the efforts for coding, creating, designing, and optimizing a realistic and enjoyable experience that is simply unparalleled compared to any other civilian roleplay platform. We believe that FiveM will be a pinnacle of Roleplay across all videogames for many years to come, allowing gamers to live out their virtual lives in the world of Los Santos.

Our FiveM server is ubiquitously filled with custom content suchas graphics, advanced car mechanics, and player-driven economy and gangs. You will find premium quality in every one of our scripts, administrators, regular players.

Let’s get started. Join our FiveM server by finding the information on the Impera Discord, or below:

Search: “Impera” to find the server.

The actual name of the server is: “Impera American RP|Advanced Economy|3,400+ Members|LSPD, GANGS, and more!|Active Developers, Huge Community, Reliable Staff|Quality Roleplay|”

Alternatively, you can use:

If you are looking for more information on FiveM follow this link here.

eft games

Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov (EFT) is self-defined as “a hardcore and realistic online first-person action RPG/Simulator with MMO features and a story-driven walkthrough.”

We believe EFT is much more than that. Members who play EFT day-in-and-day-out believe it is a passion, a hobby, and a great way to spend their recreational time.

EFT is and has been the lifeblood of Impera throughout the entire history of our friendly and team-based gaming community. Whether it is late nights with the buds, chadding it up on labs, or dedicating time to playing inventory tetris, we all have a blast spending our time playing this game.

Since the founding of Impera in February of 2020, we have had fantastic luck running groups with teams. We believe a vast majority of Tarkov players play better with someone having their back.
The motto of Impera is: “A Team for Every Warrior.”

If you want to find a team, make sure you’re on our discord by following the link here.

If you are looking for more information of EFT, find it here.