New World

It’s a new new world, ladies and gentlemen, and we’re going to conquer it.

New World is a meaty and thrilling MMO developed and published by Amazon. It’s coming to us soon, and will be one of Impera’s primary focused games.
Having the financial backing of one of the largest companies in the world, and playerbases that surpassed anyone’s expectations, we expect to see this game in the market for a full and extended lifespan.

Here’s our plan:
First and foremost, the individual takes priority. We want every single member of the New World company (guild) to get a full and complete experience of the game. This involves enjoying crafting with pals, questing, competing in wars, and doing expeditions (dungeons).

Secondly, we want to be a factor in the server that we play on. We want to be recognized as one of the main companies that is to be both feared and respected. To do this, we have an advanced and organized gameplan custom-created by our New World Upper Echelon (leaders). If you’re interested in the specifics, message any of our Upper Echelon members and they will be happy to explain how we will establish ourselves.

We’re eagerly anticipating the release of the game and have been doing everything in our power to hit the ground running. If you’re interested in getting more involved make sure you’re on our discord and check out some of the information in the various New World channels.

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